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No overkill of tabs, windows, hundreds of options, slow tagging, large size. Metatogger is a solution for everyone. Adding your own tags is a breeze, organizing a huge library with personalized patterns, and even small scripts is not a problem, as little as sorting all the files you want to tag according to every possible criteria. The only limit for the advanced user is your own imagination.

Comment créer un Dossier et le renommer avec MAC OS X (TUTO)

There are many other things to be said […], making the software faster, smaller, and more ergonomic than its competitors. To see the short 8. If you're trying to rename a directory, files within the directory will NOT be present in the renamed directory, though sub-directories WILL be present. And as noted, your 'old' directory will remain on the server totally intact, which can be very confusing.

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Why didn't I use unlink? Because, unlink does NOT work on Windows systems either and even if it did work, its not recursive without extra coding.

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So, all in all, rename is pretty much a useless function if you are intending to rename a folder on an XP box. Until recently you could end the dirname your wanted to rename to with a slash: So always leave out a final slash in your dirname: Interesting to note that if you are trying to rename a file within a folder adding a slash in front of the folder even if the folder is in the root of your server will not work.

For those encountering the error: For example, forbidden characters in filenames on Windows: Operation not permitted'.

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This is an update to the code provided by dev at islam-soft dot com, which renames all files in a directory with a given extension to have a different extension. I updated four things: Return is the number of files renamed. I have programmed a really nice program that remotely lets you manage files as if you have direct access to them http: I have a bunch of really handy functions to do just about anything to files or directories.

It goes through recursivly and renames all the files to a new location instead of copying them. It recreates the directory structure in the new location.

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It also allows you to overwrite the existing files, or not. Here is the function I made; it will likely need tweaking to work as a standalone script, since it relies of variables set by my program eg: Hope this helps some people.

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Quick CLI-tool to rename the file extensions of multiple files in working directory matching the pattern. You can always chdir to the parent directory of what you're renaming, and rename the directory or file directly. For example: This might be a similar problem to what happened to: I was using rename 'batch-move' a bunch of images. These files were lost in translation; in other words: One file, however, was moved but the filename was truncated.

Why one or two files while the rest were deleted. This was being attempted on a Windows box. I hope this helps anyone. Instead, it will move the old directory inside the new one. If the directory name is the same with capitalization you will get No such file or directory. It can move files or directories It can rename files or directories To just rename a file or directory type this in Terminal: To move a file or directory type this in Terminal.

If is a directory you should add -R before the directory name: The correct option is -T. See bmaupin's answer for its behavior.

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If you do this instead: Doesn't work if you want to capitalize the directory name in a case-insensitive filesystem likely on MacOS. I worked around this by using an intermediate name i. The command may not have been successful due to the limitations of the filesystem, but from another perspective it was successful in interpreting your intentions renaming a directory, not moving it: This gvfs-move command will also rename files and directories.

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