Mac pro laptop reviews 2009

It satisfies the cries of those who last time around lamented the loss of FireWire. In its place we now have a non-replaceable battery, which no doubt will be a concern for some. But overall, Apple are continuing a great trend with their MacBook Pro line.

The quality of build is excellent, little details like the external battery LEDs and the pulsing sleep indicator bring a touch of class. Sure, you pay more for a Mac than you would for the same hardware in a PC, but you get a lot for it and we think it is worth every penny. On that score it succeeds. All the things that made it great in the first place remain, but they've been joined by highly desirable features like the FireWire port, SD card reader and the now standard backlit keyboard.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 2009-06

Add-in outstanding battery life, a faster CPU and a slightly more affordable price and you've got a package well deserving of a Recommended Award. With typical disdain for its adoring, early-adopter fans, Apple has taken its MacBook, added the features that owners have been moaning about for months, and dropped the price. The result is the MacBook Pro Now, with the new MacBook Pro line-up, the features on Apple's latest 13in aluminum laptops have been brought up to equal those found on the new 15in MacBook Pros.

With its lower price, the return of FireWire, longer battery life, better looking display and a new built-in SD Card slot that you can boot from, the newest member of the MacBook Pro makes an impressive debut. At least a paid ExpressCard option would mean that users committed to the format could still keep the notebook on their shortlist. With its lower price, the return of FireWire woo-hoo!

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But check back and we'll update this story with a full review as soon as we get results from the PC World Test Center. Apple lists the specific improvement as a 60 percent higher color gamut, but unless you're getting in there with a colorimeter and a monocle what you'll really notice is that Apple's finally shipping a mainstream inch laptop with a viewing angle wider than a pencil. Compared to the disappointing MacBook screens we've seen in the past, the inch Pro display is quite impressive -- we'd say it's roughly equivalent to the panel in the 15, and slightly better than the panel in the first-gen MacBook Air we have on hand.

Of course, you're still stuck with that mirror-like gloss finish, but at this size and price point you don't have a lot of matte options regardless of manufacturer. It gets excellent battery life while running OS X, it can game on integrated graphics, its screen looks excellent, and it has fantastic build quality. With that said its all-aluminum design causes heat to be quickly transmitting into your skin acting as a huge heatsink, driver support inside Windows isn't the best, and the sharp edges of the palmrest can be painful to lean your wrists across. For its intended market most people won't care about the Window's driver problems and the substantial increase in battery life from the previous model is worth the internal battery.

Overall if you can get past some of its design quirks it is a great notebook with a feature set that is hard to beat.

MacBook Pro

By offering more features for less money, the inch Pro remains one of the most universally useful laptops available. Unlike its inch sibling, the inch MacBook Pro does not sweep its weight class in every category.


There are cheaper notebooks with weaker performance and much longer battery life, for instance, as well as similarly priced systems with slightly better graphics punch but shorter battery life. The latest round of updates is more of a refinement than another revolution, but it adds some much-sought-after features, while lowering prices on many configurations.

Previously known as the MacBook, Apple's basic inch aluminum unibody laptop has been promoted to the "Pro" series, all while adding features and cutting the base price. The lovable MacBook Pro inch now with the "Pro" moniker has brought back the FireWire port, lowered its price, and for the first time in the company's history, added the elusive SecureDigital SD slot. Add bigger, better battery life and you've got yourself a winner.

Apple's MacBook Pro: Battery Life to Die For

Add the ability to easily swap between Mac OS X and Windows, and you have a unique and flexible laptop that packs a lot of versatility for a thin-and-light notebook. Performance lags behind because of the dated Core 2 Duo processor. It only makes sense to get this current model if you need the long battery life in a compact form that includes an optical drive and durable design. The price is a bit high for the performance and I would really recommend holding off until Apple finally brings the Core i3 processor to it. Yet the baby MacBook Pro still offers build quality, attention to detail and software unmatched by comparable Windows notebooks.

The RAM is a bummer, but generally not a deal-breaker. The MacBook is more expensive than most PC laptops of similar size, but it should be. Most Those few that are similar to the MacBook in these categories are typically no less expensive. We hope the dispute that kept the Core i-series chips out of this revision is quickly resolved, so the entire MacBook Pro range can leave behind the Core 2 Duos with the next release. Very pleasant to use, but not quite cheap enough or powerful enough to be good value. Apple Macbook Pro 13in 2. If you can live without these amenities, the new MacBook is a very good value.

It's attractive, has a colorful and bright LED backlit display that's a great improvement over pre-unibody MacBook models and the updated graphics give the machine enough punch for light gaming. It's a fast and responsive machine whether running Windows 7 or Mac OS X, and the multi-touch trackpad is superb. If you're not wed to Mac OS, there are certainly compelling Windows laptops in the same price range with better specs, but few have the Mac's build quality.

We do live in terror of the pure white finish that's scratchable and can stain. If you're rough on your computers, the MacBook unibody won't likely stay glossy and pretty for long.

It is fairly impervious to dents and it is easy to wipe and clean though. Still, we wish Apple would find a way to toughen up the finish or move on to another one altogether old black macbook, we miss you. Our advice? You get so much more for that small sum including a durable metal casing, twice the RAM, a backlit keyboard, FireWire and an SD card slot. The only drawback with the Pro version is the heat transfer through the bottom and to your lap-- it gets very hot while the non-Pro model stays cool.

But if you're new to the MacBook Pro family, this is the ticket to portable computing bliss. In contrast, the inch MacBook Pro saw a more modest refresh; check out the full SlashGear review after the cut. The new inch MacBook Pro uses a faster version of last year's processor, but a graphics chip upgrade and better battery life give it more value for the same price.

Not only does it perform much better than the previous version, its battery life has seen an impressive boost. To get the most from the new generation of MacBook Pros, you'll need to step up to the larger sizes, which take advantage of the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and their own graphics improvements. The new models, which feature , and inch screens, sport the same sleek, minimalist design, the same keyboard, and the same touch pad as the previous iteration.

Apple takes what was already good and makes it even better, with the inclusion of a slightly better processor, improved graphics, and unbeatable battery life. The speediest dual-core processor in a compact 13" case with quiet fans? Of the three sizes, however, it holds the widest appeal. Other running changes such as webcam and SDXC card slot, and the faster SATA bus, are immediately useful; but the Thunderbolt port is more a futureproofing addition until Thunderbolt devices eventually become available. As long as you don't want the most cutting-edge machine, this is a stunning laptop that the whole family will enjoy using.

Our recommendation would be that the big screen of the 15in model makes it a better choice for films and games, while the cheaper, less-powerful 13in model is better for less power-hungry users.

I upgraded to a refurbished MacBook Pro that was a year-old at the time I bought it.

This model in-between is a bit of a disappointment. The Macbook Air is also available at this screen size. While the Pro can't rival the Air's weight or slim line, it will stand or fall on the muscle afforded by its components.

Review: 13" Apple MacBook Pro (Mid 2009)

A high-performance processor, irreproachable finish, excellent battery life, good audio, that's what you're getting with this MacBook Pro. The only area where it really suffers is in gaming. Apple MacBook Pro 2. All of these components, combined with the latest Thunderbolt technology, makes this MacBook Pro one of the most modern and forward-thinking computer platforms on the market today. The advantages are numerous.