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This is the same resolution as the previous two generations of inch MacBook Air systems. For the time being, Retina display is limited to the new MacBook Pro.

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The screen is still bright and clear, though, and should keep most users happy. The system has the same aluminum unibody, silver bezel around the screen, and a similar set of physical ports on the sides with a couple of exceptions. Of course, USB 2. One thing missing is an HDMI port. Typing on the MacBook Air's keyboard was the same as the older model, with the same somewhat shallow key travel.

You'll need to get used to it if you're switching from a desktop keyboard, but it's otherwise as comfortable to use as the previous MacBook Air.

Application performance

The large multitouch trackpad also carries over the same gestures and reacts just as smoothly. In addition to the slight speed bump, the processor includes Intel HD Graphics integrated graphics with DX11 support. Weight remains just under 3 pounds, and the same 50Wh battery powers the whole shebang.

The system's GB flash storage helps it start up, launch apps, and go to sleep mode quickly, taking only a couple of seconds to do either operation. Power Sleep will continue to update compatible info like Facebook, email, and messages while the system is sleeping.

MacBook Air versus some of its aged predecessors | The Robservatory

Aside from iLife and the apps built into Mac OS X, the system's flash memory is free, which means there's no bloatware and therefore more room for your stuff. The RAM is soldered to the logic board and is not user-upgradeable, so if you want more than 4GB, best use the online custom options.

On paper, the dual-core Intel Core i5 processors have taken a backward step, running at 1. But the new architecture with its improved graphics, and the faster flash storage, means the GB MacBook Air put in a mostly impressive performance in our benchmarking tests. In our Xbench test, which measures processor and hard drive speed, the new MacBook Air was 2.

While this is of course welcome, it's clear the advantage gained by faster storage is partly offset by the slower CPU. There's nothing slower about the graphics performance, though.

Mid-2012 MacBook Airs offer improved performance and connectivity

But with both the processor's cores in play - running two threads on each due to its Hyper-Threading feature - it's only 6. Benchmarks Xbench, CPU and storage: The new Intel HD Graphics chipset proved its worth when running Call of Duty 4 , increasing the previous model's 59 frames per second to a snappier But the older Doom 3 seemed less able to take advantage of the superior graphics, and actually slowed from Unfortunately, the new inch MacBook Air is also significantly slower at video rendering, taking seconds to re-encode our test video to iPod format.

This is 26 seconds down on last year's model.

The MacBook Air's deep sleep mode means you can leave it on with the lid closed for around a month on a single charge, during which time it wakes from sleep in around one second. It's like having an iPad's always-on convenience in a notebook. Not that it takes long to boot when switched off.

In our tests, a clean install of Mountain Lion booted in just And naturally, the battery life is incredible. Apple tells us the inch MacBook Air can last for up to nine hours on a single charge, and play back iTunes videos for up to eight hours.

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This is more than double what its counterpart could manage. You can comfortably use a MacBook Air all day without recharging, regardless of what you throw at it. The MacBook Air refresh is not a radical overhaul.

Review Apple MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012 Subnotebook

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