Coastal scents neutral palette vs mac

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But they will definitely show well with a primer. The dark ones are pretty pigmented and show pretty well without any base. It looks absolutely gorgeous. All credit to her.

Coastal Scents

I found the dupe names from various sites ….. You should subscribe and follow their twitter account, they usually have discounts on Fridays Saturday for us. You might save more! As far as brushes go…. I swear by Ecotools especially their face brushes.

You can get them at drugstore website online and amazon. But I have heard CS brushes are good and they also have good brush guard sets.

[QUESTION] MAC Warm Neutral Palette vs MAC Cool Neutral Palette vs An Unknown

Brush guards are stretchable, breathable tube which protects makeup brushes and retains their shape. I wish I could get one….. Hi jinal..

Quite informative post nikki.. I am planning to order CS palette in April..!! Every time I plan to order , and order something else instead!! So here are a few tips to help you get started with your 88 palette:.

Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette re-created using MAC Colors (Possible Dupes?)

Pick two shades in the same color family —one light and one dark. Place the light color on your lid and run the darker shade through your crease and viola, an easy dimensional look.

Shade , Texture & Pigmentation:-

Choose your colors wisely. If you want a more dramatic, or smoky look, blend together darker grays and blacks.

Use both shimmer and matte finishes. This is one of my favorite tricks for creating a more interesting look. I like to use lighter champagne colors on my lid and matte dark browns in the crease to add more depth to my eyes. Have fun. If all else fails just keep playing with the shadows until you find something you like.

28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette | Coastal Scents

Makeup should be fun and experimenting with different colors is the best way to figure out what works for you. A neutral eye makeup lover will enjoy pairing them with each other. Using the palette is lot of fun. As far as pigmentation is concerned, few of the shades are really good but some of them are chalky. You will notice that some of the shades are barely visible and for some the pigmentation is fab. Shades are powdery but definitely not chalky. If you are on a budget, this palette is a good choice — something which you will not get in your regular store.

I agree Naf. No one is going to look at the palette. Ana u n ur hair, Just Wow :inlove:. Preeti Kaur recently posted.. Similar palettes are available from buyincoins. I wanted to order from Coastal scents but almost fainted when I saw the shipping charges. I refuse to pay so much fr shipping so I got the palette and 66 lip palette from buyincoins.

I was planning to buy from coastal scents but the high shipping put me off.