Best way to view instagram on mac

So those users who want to use Instagram on Mac are left with a plain website without much functionality. So in this section, we will find out some really cool ways you can use Instagram on your Mac without any restrictions. Of all the options, we will start by using Instagram on Safari.

Best Free Instagram Apps for Mac OS

Here we go. However, there is a neat browser hack which lets you access the mobile view of Instagram on Safari browser.

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  • How To Post To Instagram From PC or Mac.

Here, we will be using a developer tool which forces Instagram to load in mobile view , which in turns unlocks blocked features. Here is how you can use Instagram for Mac without any limitation. Next, the Instagram page will refresh itself and you will see the mobile layout in place. Now, just click on the plus button and you will be able to upload images and videos on Instagram directly from your Mac. You can also access your Direct messages.

Enjoy using Instagram for Mac! Here is how to go about it. Next, refresh the page and Instagram will reload in mobile view.

How to DM (Direct Message) on Instagram for Mac

After that, close the console. As you can see, now you can upload photos and videos from the plus button. You also have the option to send Direct message over your Mac. Use Instagram for Mac Through Third-party Apps The best part of using a Mac is that there are great third-party apps available for various services.

OPTION 2 | Post on Instagram using your Browser

These are programmes you can download to your desktop or use online which post to your account for you. We took a look at the ones available online and have summarised them below:. Bluestacks in an Android emulator for your Mac or PC and offers a scaled back version of the Instagram android app, all you need is a Google account. This is the most similar method to the ones listed above, as it simply allows you to use the mobile app on desktop without any additional features such as bulk upload or multiple account management.

Once you download Bluestacks on to your computer, you will need to upload your content into the Media Manager on the platform. Then simply search for Instagram using the search bar in the top right hand corner of the App Center, and click Install. Once you open Instagram, the platform interface will change to the dimensions and view of the android app, similar to changing the user agent on Chrome. This is a good and simple way to post to Instagram from PC or Mac. It is therefore a better alternative to changing the user agent on your browser, as you can edit posts, and share to other social networks.

The downside to Bluestacks comes if you want to upload in bulk, share your posts to multiple accounts, or schedule in advance. Download Bluestacks here. Deskgram is a desktop app that lets you post to Instagram from PC or Mac, as well as browsing, commenting and liking posts as you would on the mobile app. You can upload photos and videos — although video is not currently supported on Windows — use filters, trim video, tag other accounts in posts and hashtag search.

The Best Ways to Use Instagram on OS X

There is a free version which does not include uploading. A useful but slightly basic tool to post to Instagram from PC or Mac. Download Deskgram here. Uplet is a downloadable Instagram uploader exclusively for Mac. You can bulk upload photos and videos from your computer and send them straight to your Instagram profile with a caption, all you need to do is download it and log in with your Instagram details.

A recent update now also allows you to send posts to multiple Instagram accounts that you manage. Uplet lacks any filters or editing features, although you are able to shrink your posts to make them portrait or landscape. Uplet is a useful tool if you always use Mac, edit your photos and videos on other software and are looking to upload in bulk!

The price is a one-off fee for full use of the product.

If you want to use the web interface for Instagram without opening a new tab, then Go for Instagram is the right solution. This app is also useful for those who want to open Instagram now and then outside of their browser. An Instagram client would easily become familiar with the layout of it.

You can use Instagram by clicking the App for Instagram icon from your menu bar and login with your account details. Despite of being a third party app, it automatically updates your feed and keeps your account status up to date. The desktop mode lets you experience the full screen as a pro user. When your friends post their pictures on Instagram, Visual Grub lets you see those images from your Mac easily.

This app allows you to like and comment on pictures posted by an Instagram user and later get notifications about the latest comments on them. It also lets you follow or unfollow any user and view images offline.

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  7. Users love to try third-party Instagram apps for Mac OS, but we always recommend you to use the trusted one. If you know any of the best Mac OS Instagram apps that you are using now and liked it, do not forget to mention us in the comments section below. I want to share my experience with you. I have a wedding agency and I was looking for long time for the posting instagram service. I tried a lot, free and not free services. Unfortunately these are not the most comfortable for me.

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    1. Upload Instagram Photos with Uplet

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