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Thanks so much for this. I tried this but my screen actually looked worse! I mean my screen was pretty good as it was and I thought this would give me a pure RGB to the display but I think in my case something is not right. From what I understand a true RGB signal should be such that the color settings on the display should refuse to be adjusted as the display color signal is now being driven by the computer but in my case I can still adjust saturation and such which makes believe something is not right to start with.

Also, I lost the underscan and overscan features, after this change the display is being overscanned. I wish there were a terminal command that could identify if I am indeed sending out a true RGB or what. I have to investigate this further. I spent way too much time trying to fix it with font smoothing :s.

Also, for others reading these comments in the future, I have the same monitor as the author. All hardware involved:. This was really helpful, thanks. I was worried that it was all in my head or that I needed another cable or something. It is so much better now. Thank you so much that just helped me a lot. I also have a Dell monitor. What I found out is that it could be due to the graphic drivers. My quadro k shows the rgb color, my rx always shows the other color space yr…. I noticed immediately that clarity was sub-par on a number of os elements, especially red.

It looks like the os decided to default to YCbCr which is causing significant degridation of the video quality in the red side of the color space. I have an eGPU on order, but really want to figure this out before then. I notice it in the edges of reds the most, just as you do. I just bought the Mac Mini, and when I started migrating my system from my rMBP, I though my eyes were playing tricks on me; on my 4K screen that was working perfectly fine with my old computer, I now saw washed out colors, blurry fonts, the whole shebang.

Using the Option Key in Display Preferences

After trying everything else I could think of in terms of hardware and software, I started googling, and found this page. I will forever be grateful to you. Shame on you, Apple! Since writing this I upgraded to a 4k display Dell PQ , and it has the same problem, though the symptoms are much less apparent at higher pixel density.

Thank you very much John for documenting this. EDID revision………… 1.

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Digital DisplayPort Color bit depth………. Apple is terrible,. Any ideas? Great post. Quit blaming Apple for your monitor issues people. So here you are fighting to get your Dell working too. My monitor, thankfully, powers on every time when connected to my computer. Thanks for your solution. I think you found a way to fix it. It worked for me.

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  • I had this issue for a while. I got a new adapter CableCreation was the name of manufacturer, I think and it resolved my problem. Thanks so much for sharing this! Thank you so much! This trick saved me a lot of money and trouble. So I tried all of the above and nothing worked. Was strange, the external monitor looked great when the macbook was closed.

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    But now its working just fine. Hi all! I had the same problem! First open the app activity monitor and clear daemon switchresx , then open app appCleaner and delete switchresx! Then open cleanMyMac clear your mac cache, and again install SwitchResx :. I got it. I had the same problem, but I was able to fix it by resetting the factory settings in switchResX, then removing system preferences and deleting all records i used cleanmymac3.

    After that, I created a new user and, following the same procedures, I was able to configure everything correctly. So I delete the user and it remained perfect. Sorry for the translation, I used google translate. I trying to use this app with my MB air mid and macOS high sierra. I have LG 29UM58 monitor. Before this update, I'm using pixel clock patch but it's not working anymore.

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    With switchresX, I can set up higher resolution than x but the x resolution not available only resolutions. I try to make a custom resolution, but after reboot, I saw status: Not activated - invalid? This fix is not working for High Sierra for me either.

    The Perfect Mac Mini Setup 2018! 🔥

    It worked fine for Sierra, but not after updating the OS. Anyone has a solution? If you had been using it for longer than 10 days, while updating to High Sierra it will stop working. Not ideal, but it's the only option I found. Can someone please help me. I can get to the code but don't see how to download and adding ".

    I had been finding solution for months Thanks for this setting. Now I am almost got to cry when the resolution worked. I just registered here to say you thanks, guys. It worked on my Mac Mini By the way I saw people saying if we would have a minidisplay port 1. I will buy it just to try anyway.